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About Me

My name is Daniel Dogeanu and I'm a Designer and Developer with over 9 years of experience in building fully functional and responsive websites. I've built presentation and ecommerce websites for small, medium and large businesses in various industries, while following the best design practices and latest code standards.

As a developer I work mainly with HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript (TS), React, Node, Express and Jest. As a designer I can work with Figma, InVision Studio and Adobe Suite. I'm currently looking for a front end position.

What I Can Do

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From idea, to wireframes, to prototype, to final version, I provide you with stunning and pixel perfect design for your website or mobile app.

Web Development

Whether I design your website, or you come with your own design, I build fully responsive websites that adapt both on desktop and mobile devices.

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Android Development

If your ideas go well beyond the web, I can also develop fully functional mobile apps for the Android OS, complete with the server-side implementations.

Things I've Built

These are some of the designs I've posted on Dribbble. Most of them are demo projects to showcase my design skills, but you can also find designs that I've made for clients or for some of my side projects.

These are some of the projects I've built to showcase my programming skills. You can click on each image card to see the live version, or you can go to my GitHub profile and see the public repository for each project.

These are some of the apps I've built for practice, during the Android Basics Nanodegree course. While none of them are on Google Play Store, all of them are real apps, built and tested on real devices. You can see the source code on GitHub or by clicking on each image card, below.

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